SYTYCD Season 7 on May 27 – new twists

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So you think you can dance comes back this May 27 finally.

There is no more 20 but TOP 10 only for this seasons with five guys and five girls. Additionally, every week, you only vote off ONE contestant. This is why you can see your previous seasons favorites come back, because they will be partnered with the single finalist who remind staying in the game.

Season 7 All stars are:

Stephen tWitch Boss, Comfort Fedoke, Courtney Galiano, Anya GarnisLauren Gottlieb, Neil Haskell, Allison Holker, Mark Kanemura, Pasha KovalevKathryn McCormickAde Obayomi and Dominic Sandoval.

P.S. I love “Allison”!!!!!

This should be one of the most anticipated reality show in the summer!



Shakira – Did it again with oriental color

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You know I always have a complex towards Korea culture. Shakira’s latest album “Shewolves” featured “Did it again”, top single in the chart, featured Korea traiditional drum dance.

You should not miss her music video and the Dancing with the Stars live. An East meet West flavor: pop singer, Korean traditional drum dance with stage live bands. Lost of applause from audience when Shakira danced with the Korea gals at the very last music break with really great moves. Absolutly amazing!! Hispanic american korean remixes. I just love it.

In the music video, the sexually appeal flips and moves over the bed from struggle to imitate, for me is very Benji Schwimmer type of dance choreography, very memorable and impressive, acrobatic and dancing.

-Shakira – Did it again Live at Dancing With the Stars

-Shakira – Did it again MTV

Shakira- Lo Hecho Esta Hecho

Britney Spears – 3 official music video is out

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The video is not good at all but Britney is still a legend for me somehow.

Omarion’s ‘I Get It In’ Video Preview

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 From B2K  to his solo, Omarion’s songs and music videos are always dancers’ love. “Touch”, “Entourage”,  “Ice box” etc. are all familiar songs in the dance room.

Here is the sneak peek video of his upcoming 2010 album “Ollusion”, first album with EMI. Do you like it?

Lady GaGa – Monster Ball Tour Official Poster

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Do you remember Lady GaGa’s Saturday Night Live(SNL) performance? I really love the piano version remix of Bad Romance & Poker Face (watch below).  Bravo!  She is so talented.

Here is the GaGa’s official poster of her solo tour, which also featured standing in the middle of large concentric metal rings similar to those used for her SNL.

– Lady GaGa SNL Live Oct 2009

Lady Gaga的時裝設計真的沒得說,每次出現就像一場嘉年華。


承繼著David Bowie、Queen的Freddie Mercury的Lady Gaga(她的名字正好出看Radio Gaga啊)的Glam Rock傳統,一二再再二三以其theatrical 的表演方式譁眾。




Lady GaGa ‘Alejandro’ (new track from ‘The Fame Monster’) leaks out

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Lily Allen – Who’d Have Known

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Lily Allen’s latest single “Who’d Have Known” just comes out. Perhaps, this song is a reflection about Elton John fell out with Lily in 2008 GQ award. The 61 music legend, Elton John appeared to be furious with Lily for telling him to ‘f**k off’ at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards. 
The video illustrates Lily asa crazy fan of Elton John. She kidnaps Elton John, covers his month, tide him with strings him, makes him speaks what she wrote down etc.
Lily Allen – Who’d Have Known
GQ Award report
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